ESPIRITU PIRATA, a Luxury Perfume by Nadia Z

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There was a time without airplanes, helicopters, military aircraft, B-29… People looked up to the sky to watch the stars, find a serene time, feel the Universe, God…

There were no jets, only horses to move from one place to another. There was also the sea…

Ships by the hundreds were coming and going from distant places to harbors and bays. Of course, the spirit of adventure was so popular that wanderers and stowaways crossed the sea without being noticed, following, in many cases, the love for the unknown.

Pirates, flibustiers, and corsairs are now legends, but their adventures, true or imaginary, filled books that became famous all over the world.

Under this spirit that revives the spice trade era, sailing with Malay pirates of the Indian Ocean, ESPIRITU PIRATA was created by Nadia Zuodar.

This women’s luxury perfume (there is the man’s version as well) follows the recreation of the Ecosystems, a source of inspiration that its creator uses to express Art through Perfume (Art condensing Beauty, Feelings, Connection with the Biosphere, Inner Discovery).




Espiritu Pirata’s atmosphere is “a recreation of the explosion of scents in the hold of a pirate vessel: from the caramelized sweetness of Rum and Spices to the enriched timber. A gourmand; a tantalizing, hypnotic, oriental  potion for an irresistible attraction.”


I felt very keen to write an article on this perfume as it is one of my favorites. These perfumes are very concentrated, just a drop or two are enough for me to feel their effect. Also, they are meant to be used not only as a luxury perfume but as a medium for introspectiveness just by inhaling them, so they make us more aware or connected to the earth, the sea, the rivers, the stars.

I have applied two drops on my right wrist from the sample, and it was an explosion of scents. Strong and sweet, I loved it. It took me back in time but it is not a vintage perfume scent. I felt as if I had literally  been put in an old boat filled with treasures. There are chests that haven’t been opened for years and years. When I open them, an intoxicating mixture of sweet tobacco, rum, and spices starts filling the place. I can also feel there are old books somewhere, and old treasure maps made with parchment, while sweet dried fruits are mixing up with the scents and the precious woods that the chests are made of.

After five minutes, Espiritu Pirata  becomes warm, woody, spicy, all at the same time. There is a fusion of scents that is warm with flowers and very gourmand. At this moment, memories of my trip to The Bahamas start to appear:  Pirates of Nassau Museum, antique shops, the Fort…



It’s like the genie in a bottle: these scents we know they exist, in the natural world, although not altogether,  untouched by man. To smell this composition is to recover something that is not lost, but that is far from my reach, and now I got it, like a box of charms that I want to keep. It makes me feel the Adventure, the warmness of a place full of exotism. It’s caring and protecting.

I am thinking of wearing this perfume as a surprise one day very soon (maybe afternoon, I think it is a perfume for evenings and nights, but also rainy days like today) and I want to spread a little on my palms and rub it to the ends of my hair. I will wear black clothes (or brown) and a ponytail. I will wear boots, and I know it will make me feel very reassured and protected.


Martinique Rum. It comes out with the other scents


Ylang Ylang, Mimosa, Orange Blossom


Blackcurrant, Patchouli


Massoia (not present in the US version) I don’t know what version I have tested and I don’t know how this wood smells, so I can’t really say much about this.



Tonka, Vanilla, Cocoa

INDIGENOUS OILS, among them:

Ximenia, Pequi

The scent of rum, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, black currant, sandalwood, vanilla, are very present in this perfume. I feel it is an excellent way to recreate an atmosphere, it prepares me for a dinner at night (carefully applied on wrists, and one spray either behind the neck or on shoulders) It is fragrant and sweet, gourmand (very!) and warm and a happy luxurious perfume.

My personal adventure has some scent that I want to keep almost like a secret.


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I received this product at either a discount or for free for my honest, fair, and unbiased opinion. All opinions in my reviews are my own and are not swayed in any way due to receiving a discount. I am under no obligation to write a review, the choice was purely my own and I received no compensation.






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