da som

DASOM means Love in Korean.

I love the rain! The name comes from a nickname that my now husband gave me after he met me. It has always followed me and I decided to give to it a web page. I enjoy the world of skincare, trying novelties and testing makeup products. I also love perfumes, modern and vintage. I think perfume has its own story and every time I smell one I dream of one story as well. DASOM Blog is about these subjects.

I’m a married stepmom to three kids, two of them already married and with beautiful children. I have two (three) cats that are the calmness and steadiness of the house 🙂 I enjoy writing, DIY, gardening, traveling, reading, watching interesting tv series and movies, music….

My interests are very variated. I love photography, spiritualism, art in all its forms, the world of skincare and perfumes (old and new); I love the vintage times and dance. Above all, I love making the best out of me and getting inspired by the so-called simple things: nature is a wonder that I enjoy observing…


How did I meet the Wonderful World of Asian Beauty Skincare?

It all started when I bought a bottle of Aloe Vera 100% pure as the label said. It was not made in Korea. I googled about that product to know exactly how pure it was and read some reviews about it. It happened that it contained an element that was not organic. I then searched on Ebay “organic aloe vera body” and then, and then……

My first connection to the Asian beauty skin care world was through a bottle of Aloe Vera & Caviar that was so trendy at that time! I bid on one tube of that promising gel. I tried it after some weeks waiting for it. I LOVED IT. Added it to my face as well, felt so good. Then I discovered the snail mucin benefits. From then on I have not stopped enjoying and trying new products from diverse brands. I even tried not very well-known brands that now are so trendy. I visited REDDIT a lot, learned a lot. But still learn, there is so much to learn about this field!

I have always preferred the botanic products and Korea manufactures so many beneficial products that are botanical based.

I am still learning, and enjoying to learn the Art of Asian Beauty Skin care.


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