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Have you realized how hot this season has been?  Having in the garden some tomato crops,  plus plants, flowers (my dear morning glories have blossomed so so late!), it was at times a real pain to have to spend time watering, cleaning branches and dead leaves, just going out, especially in the night, when it is the optimal time to water during summer. So I cannot say I have been really loyal to the vegetable world. I remember buying an organic liquid that I had to add every two weeks. Did I remember to do it religiously? The answer is no.

Las week I received some samples from HB-101, which is a company that manufactures Natural Organic Plant Vitalizers. I had applied to receive a few samples. They are tiny plastic bottles with a dose for each gallon of water.


The man in the photo looked quite aggressive, don’t you think?

Don’t forget to water the plants with this organic blessing, ok?

Lol…I went straight away and mixed the solution with water, and added some also inside a spray bottle to water the leaves. I used all of them except for one.

The heat had tired my tomato plants really hard. I don’t know at what point but they were really tired and some areas were dry. When I sprayed on the leaves, I felt they were starting to feel relieved.

It’s interesting to see that this solution is extracted from cedar, pine, cypress and plantain grass. And great to read that it is so good for flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, shrubs, herbs and even lawns. I also added it to my rosemary and lavender plants. They were really exhausted.

So, today I checked on the plants and there they are, looking as when I started growing them. They look better, at least not exhausted. The bottle is really tiny, like a quarter coin or even less. I find this very practical, no mess, no dripping, no smell.



I’m going to keep this pamphlet for next year, I need to be more consistent to my garden, but the truth is, the heat was terrible, so adding this, I don’t have to be too worried, since it will last for a few days…

So, next week I intend to take some photos of my tomato plants and post them here with the results.


I spent some time reading the information about this product. It is very well written, they also made a page about the way to use HB-101 depending on the kind of plant, tree, that we are using, even pot flowers! Yay.



HB-101 Plant Vitalizer is made by FLORA USA, INC

My Verdict: Clean, not messy, no odor, practical.


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