Relaxing Time


Green Room


We are creating our peaceful garden, learning tips here and there, working with our pets looking at us, i’m sure they are understanding that they should not step on the new baby plants. But then we have also our own remedy, a very natural one, and we hope it works. It’s simply that we sprinkle some cayenne pepper over the plants and around them. It doesn’t damage the plants and the pets are not interested anymore unless they really love sneezing. The rain is helping a lot with the transplanting and we will see soon the fruits of our labor. Later on I am going to dedicate myself to growing some exotic seeds. Trying to do the best to see what seemed impossible come to life after hours of love and dedication. We are thankful for our backyard.


Green Room



Trusting my guts

Kolumbus-Santa-MariaThree days before the earthquake happened in Haiti I was completely absorbed by my memories regarding Haiti and all the people I had met there. My interest increased as the days before the fatal accident happened, but I did not know anything, of course, only that Haiti had become an obsession.

And for the last couple of weeks the same feeling happened again to me, and again I just wanted to dismiss any possible coincidence about something that had to do directly with Haiti, and less about another earthquake, but my obsession about Haiti again started, in the same way, and then music from Haiti, movies, documentaries about Haiti became so interesting during my leisure time! Even my husband was a little disappointed that for any reason I would speak about my times in Haiti, he probably was thinking that I was regretting my present time with him! I have spent the last couple of weeks dancing “compa” in the afternoon, making Haitian recipes at home, finding out the whereabouts of my friends there, trying to get some seeds from the island to grow them here. Then the news about the Santa Maria appeared yesterday and i did not make any connection until today. Because there must be a reason to Haiti being again so present in my life. I have to trust my intuition and only without the knowledge of what it is telling me. Until it happens. And this time for a good good reason I believe.

Mwen renmen w Ayiti Cheri!



Gonave island image by Corbis
Gonave island image by Corbis


How beautiful Haiti is. Islands that remain secret,
Mountains that still have the colors of rainbows,
Like my heart when I remember;
Drums that sound far away in the night,
While my eyes are half sleep
And the stars twinkle with the same rhythm.
Ashore, an island in an island in an island…
My lips are sealed with a kiss.

That fisherman with his boat smiling as he does,
Welcoming my first visit to La Gonave,
Pampering the troubled life in the capital,
So far away and sad.
Dry island of La Gonave, filled with vegetables
Under the soil.
They don’t grow there.
We just keep them fresh.

I dream of you, Haiti, I dream and daydream and dream and never stop dreaming about you.
No matter what, here you are,
So present wherever I go!
My child that needs shelter,
That is always thirsty,
Always afraid,
Always in need of love
And help.

The child that is strong , brave, intelligent,
But is left apart.
I love you Haiti,
You are really beautiful,
And I have never seen anything as beautiful as you