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A few years ago I used to have a blog about vintage subjects. It was when Bloglovin had just appeared on the www. It was fun to have it, and it had many of the tools it has now. But then, I could not continue writing because I moved to another place and my schedule was completely different. Some time has passed and today I signed on a new account.

Mainly, what Bloglovin does

It gathers blogs with the same subjects than mines, creating a feed. I have two blogs, one is this one, and the other one is about Asian Beauty Skincare. By creating an account I can follow blogs that correspond to my interests, the network is really strong and reliable, and it is a very important tool regarding social media. At the same time, there is something else implemented, called Activate, which allows we as bloggers, to make part of campaigns . Right now at Bloglovin I only have two followers on one blog and Zero on the main blog, this one. But I know this is going to change in the days to come.
If you follow me, I will follow you. This is my motto and I don’t betray my motto 🙂


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Born on a lizard-like island, I am a lover of nature, walks, photography, reading, perfumes, exotic cooking, gardening, trips, art... Now very much into the Asian Beauty Skincare World.

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