Trying a new Plant Vitalizer


Have you realized how hot this season has been?  Having in the garden some tomato crops,  plus plants, flowers (my dear morning glories have blossomed so so late!), it was at times a real pain to have to spend time watering, cleaning branches and dead leaves, just going out, especially in the night, when it is the optimal time to water during summer. So I cannot say I have been really loyal to the vegetable world. I remember buying an organic liquid that I had to add every two weeks. Did I remember to do it religiously? The answer is no.

Las week I received some samples from HB-101, which is a company that manufactures Natural Organic Plant Vitalizers. I had applied to receive a few samples. They are tiny plastic bottles with a dose for each gallon of water.


The man in the photo looked quite aggressive, don’t you think?

Don’t forget to water the plants with this organic blessing, ok?

Lol…I went straight away and mixed the solution with water, and added some also inside a spray bottle to water the leaves. I used all of them except for one.

The heat had tired my tomato plants really hard. I don’t know at what point but they were really tired and some areas were dry. When I sprayed on the leaves, I felt they were starting to feel relieved.

It’s interesting to see that this solution is extracted from cedar, pine, cypress and plantain grass. And great to read that it is so good for flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, shrubs, herbs and even lawns. I also added it to my rosemary and lavender plants. They were really exhausted.

So, today I checked on the plants and there they are, looking as when I started growing them. They look better, at least not exhausted. The bottle is really tiny, like a quarter coin or even less. I find this very practical, no mess, no dripping, no smell.



I’m going to keep this pamphlet for next year, I need to be more consistent to my garden, but the truth is, the heat was terrible, so adding this, I don’t have to be too worried, since it will last for a few days…

So, next week I intend to take some photos of my tomato plants and post them here with the results.


I spent some time reading the information about this product. It is very well written, they also made a page about the way to use HB-101 depending on the kind of plant, tree, that we are using, even pot flowers! Yay.



HB-101 Plant Vitalizer is made by FLORA USA, INC

My Verdict: Clean, not messy, no odor, practical.


Colossal Spider Effect Mascara

Colossal Spider Effect Mascara by Maybelline

This is my very first post about cosmetics. And I will talk about this Colossal Spider Effect Mascara. My other beauty blog is dedicated to Asian Skincare. I want my blog to speak about my life and so I want to include my opinions about Western Skin care products and cosmetics since I also use brands that are made in the US, Canada, and other countries and would love to speak about them here too. I plan on writing about this subject from time to time here too, and enjoy reading beauty blogs.

This is a picture of the new eye mascara I have. I love eye mascara, I think it is the beauty tool I most enjoy using. This one is by MAYBELLINE and it’s called Colossal Spider Effect. It is absolutely amazing. When I tried it (on the photo) I had just woken up but still I wanted to put it on and have a photo with the results. It can become really dramatic, I just love it!

I have other mascaras, some more expensive, some less, but I am starting to realize that, finally, drugstore brands are making wonders.

On a scale 1-10, my score is 8.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think about it?

See you next time!

Colossal Spider Effect Mascara



The Seven deadly sins and how I understand them


seven deadly sins
seven deadly sins

I was raised as a Catholic. And I remember when at school we were taught about the Seven deadly sins. They are also known as the Seven cardinal sins. It’s been a long while since I did not recall on this aspect of the school teachings. But back then, I remembered them by heart, and they made part of our daily endeavor towards the contrary of what is considered “sinful”. That obscurantism from the Middle Ages wanted to convey in our century, and at times, it really succeeded. But not always. 

The Catholic Encyclopedia states that “Sin is nothing else than a morally bad act (St. Thomas, De malo, 7:3), an act not in accord with reason informed by the Divine law.” God has given us free will, reason, and a sense of responsibility. We are to use these gifts to live by His law. To sin is what we do when we use our gifts of reason and free will in deviation from God’s law.

Well, at school we were told these sins are considered Mortal, that means you go directly to Hell.

But what matters to me now and in this blog post is not the religious dogmatic element of it. I am trying to say, behaviors that inflict pain in other people are considered a “sin” in religious beliefs.

To my understanding, it is just a symptom of Mental Issues.

These so-called “SEVE deadly sins” are:

Pride – Extreme love for oneself. Narcissism, Vanity, Egolatry. It is considered the most dangerous one because it leads to the other ones. According to Dante, Pride is “ love of self-perverted to hatred and contempt for one’s neighbor.”

Greed – Avarice, the wanting for earthly things, the desire of power through money

Gluttony – Over-consumption of food and drink. Overeating, “eating too soon, eating too expensively, eating too much, eating too eagerly, eating too daintily, and eating wildly.”

Lust – Misuse of the gift of sex. Using  it in an impure way instead of a pure way. Adultery, rape, sexual addictions.

Sloth – Spiritual laziness

Envy – And jealousy, but in a way that someone desires anything bad happen to someone just because they envy them or are jealous of them.

Anger or Wrath – Not a simple outburst of emotions. It means as a sin to anger without real motive or when the motive is not justifiable. To be angry toward an innocent person, to be aggressive towards fragile, innocent people.



chastity, abstinence, liberality or generosity, diligence, patience, kindness, humility.


All right! So, going back to my main purpose when writing this post, human behavior, and misbehavior has been for centuries treated by the church. And the church has given moral understandings.


Right now, how the world is, how many things are happening, how we confront our problems, how we create them, I don’t need any religious interpretation of these seven 7 mortal “peccato”  


7 COLLECTIVE DISASTROUS BEHAVIORS (the so-called Seven Deadly Sins in the Bible):

Pride. It’s the effect of a mental illness. It brings wars.

Greed. It’s the effect of a mental illness. It brings wars, class differences and poverty

Gluttony: Mental illness thaIt brings organic illnesses to the body through junk food

Lust : It brings a false appreciation of our real commitment

Sloth : It brings… Pokemon?

Envy : It brings self-pity, self-inflicted illness, and acid humor

Anger : It brings, of course, crime, wars, dementia of ideas.


We have been told about the Deadly Sins under religious concepts.

We should realize that they are not sins, but deteriorated mental states of mind.


Right now we are living in a chaotic world in many aspects.

And I think that, collectively, not individually, we are insane.
And we need a cure. But the cure is not Religion.

seven deadly sins
The Seven Deadly Sins


Some definitions  have been taken by Aquinas and More

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A few years ago I used to have a blog about vintage subjects. It was when Bloglovin had just appeared on the www. It was fun to have it, and it had many of the tools it has now. But then, I could not continue writing because I moved to another place and my schedule was completely different. Some time has passed and today I signed on a new account.

Mainly, what Bloglovin does

It gathers blogs with the same subjects than mines, creating a feed. I have two blogs, one is this one, and the other one is about Asian Beauty Skincare. By creating an account I can follow blogs that correspond to my interests, the network is really strong and reliable, and it is a very important tool regarding social media. At the same time, there is something else implemented, called Activate, which allows we as bloggers, to make part of campaigns . Right now at Bloglovin I only have two followers on one blog and Zero on the main blog, this one. But I know this is going to change in the days to come.
If you follow me, I will follow you. This is my motto and I don’t betray my motto 🙂


Camassia Leichtlinii Caerulea

I have bought weeks ago a pack of 50 seeds from this beautiful Native American Flowers. They are very beautiful, according to the images I have seen online:



I am planning on planting them during the fall.
These are very interesting facts and tips from :

  • It is stunning as a cohesive backdrop for a lengthy perennial bed, in substantive clusters among yet-to-flower summer perennials or in seemingly uncultivated woodland drifts in full to filtered sunlight.

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Looking back across the sea


Oh… I just LOVE this painting that is up for auction at Live Auctioners, just amazing. By artist Shen Han Wu (Chinese, b. 1950). It’s not only so realistic but its deepness and perspective makes me feel as if I was there too, and me the painter. Amazing!

“Looking Back Across the Sea”, ca. 2007, oil on canvas, signed in English and Chinese lower right corner in red, 36″ x 48″. Framed.